Alternatives to Filing for Bankruptcy

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For individuals who are drowning under a sea of debt, bankruptcy may provide much-needed financial relief. However, bankruptcy has its drawbacks. In some cases, it may hasten the seizure of a home or a personal vehicle. In others, the financial dilemma involved may not qualify for bankruptcy resolution.

At the Law Offices of Gary Brenner, we have been assisting individuals with finding effective debt relief solutions for more than 35 years.

If you are looking for methods to alleviate a seemingly insurmountable financial burden, contact our firm today to request a free consultation!

Our experienced San Mateo bankruptcy attorney can evaluate your circumstances and describe the legal options available to you. Getting our clients back on a firm financial foundation is our first priority!

You have a right to dispute your debts!

Federal and state laws are in place to protect individuals from creditor harassment. Not all demands for payments are justified, but that doesn't always deter insistent collection agencies. Under the Fair Debt Collection Protections Act, consumers have a right to dispute their debts. If the debt is disputed within 30 days, the creditor is legally mandated to stop all collection methods until the debt is validated. Regardless of whether you notified the collection agency before or after the 30-day window, if the creditor reports you to a credit bureau, they must also state that the debt is disputed.

Collection agencies have strict guidelines governing how they may attempt to collect a debt, regardless of whether or not it is disputed. If you have been the victim of creditor harassment, speak with our bankruptcy lawyer for skilled and aggressive advocacy!

Resolving Nondisputed Debts

Mounting debt can happen to anybody. An unexpected illness, sudden job loss, or even a momentary lapse in financial judgment can tip you over the edge and into a debt crisis. If you are overwhelmed by outstanding debt, there may be solutions other than bankruptcy available to ease your financial burden.

Our insightful San Mateo bankruptcy lawyer can provide perceptive legal counsel through numerous methods of resolving nondisputed debts, including:

  • Negotiating with your creditors
  • Obtaining assistance from a credit counseling agency
  • Refinancing debt
  • Enrolling in a debt management program
  • Seeking financial assistance from the state

Proactive Debt Solutions

Unfortunately, a financial difficulty will rarely go away quietly. Getting ahead of the crisis is the smartest option you can take. Whether you are considering bankruptcy or other means of resolving your debt, the experienced team at the Law Offices of Gary Brenner can help you discover the proactive solutions you need for a financial fresh start.

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