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San Mateo Bankruptcy Attorney

Put More Than 30 Years of Experience in Your Corner

Each day, more and more Americans find themselves overwhelmed by debt. Many of these individuals are at a loss as what to do and where to go for help. Hoping the crisis will eventually resolve itself, they can make their financial situation even worse by not seeking professional legal advice.

Since 1983, the Law Offices of Gary Brenner has been dedicated to offering the supportive and strategic legal guidance our clients need to resolve their debt crises. If you are confronting a seemingly insurmountable amount debt, our experienced San Mateo bankruptcy lawyer can provide the personalized solutions and assertive representation you need to get your life back on the road to financial freedom.

Bankruptcy: Honest Solution for Financial Troubles

Did you know the bankruptcy laws are designed to protect debtors by offering them an effective means to satisfy their creditors? It is an honest and legal method to resolve a debt crisis, appease collection agencies, and begin to rebuild your financial stability. But far from an easy way out, bankruptcy is actually a complex process that requires skilled legal counsel to ensure federal and state regulations are followed.

Our team at the Law Offices of Gary Brenner is committed to helping our clients discover and implement the measures that can solve their debt dilemma. Your options include:

Legal actions such as petitioning for bankruptcy can not only alleviate the stress and worry that often accompany significant debt, but it can help you regain your financial stability.

Relief from debt may include:

  • Immediately halting collection agency harassment
  • Protecting your home and property from foreclosure or repossession
  • Safeguarding your income from garnishment
  • Providing financial "breathing room" until you can get back on your feet

Financial difficulties can happen to almost anyone at any time. A sudden job loss, medical bills, or even a temporary lapse in financial judgment can tip you into a deep financial hole. However, there is hope.

Regaining Your Financial Foundation

Our compassionate support begins at your initial consultation, and continues throughout your debt resolution process and beyond. At the Law Offices of Gary Brenner, we aren't satisfied with simply getting you out from under a mountain of debt. We genuinely sympathize with your difficulties and want to provide you with the tools you need to rebuild a firm, financial foundation.

Our comprehensive legal counsel includes:

Debt crises will not go away on their own!

Sticking your head in the proverbial sand will not make mountains of debt disappear. In reality, failing to address a financial crisis can make matters significantly worse! If you are confronting significant debt, the Law Offices of Gary Brenner can help. Our insightful San Mateo bankruptcy lawyer is eager to meet with you, discover your available options, and explain how we may assist.

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